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You probably have a website for your business. Now it's time to get you some visitors to the website to get some leads or sales happening. We are here to help you with that!

As a collective of experienced professionals from various industries, we cooperate, communicate and share our knowledge to acquire high quality website traffic for our clients.

Traffic Enforcers' team has the perfect mix of marketing experience, technical knowledge, business exposure and proven results.

Our experience and skills in PPC campaign management will help your business grow by delivering measurable, cost-effective and quick results.

Shelly Mahardika

Hello! I'm Shelly Mahardika

  • Chief Traffic Enforcer

Armed with Public Relations degree, I started my career as an Account Executive in one of the largest media company in Indonesia, Kompas Gramedia. Very quickly I learned that printed media’s days are numbered, and the future is online. And this is how I started my adventure with digital marketing.

In 2015 I launched The Ladyworks - a project focused on helping to grow small businesses and restaurants. Having gained more experience in digital marketing, I joined a luxury villa rentals and property management company, where I learned about what makes digital marketing efforts really effective, scalable and sustainable.

Moving on, I took the opportunity to work with likeminded colleagues and founded Traffic Enforcers - a digital marketing agency. Once again I’m on the mission to share my knowledge and ideas, and to help small and medium businesses to embrace the digital marketing.

Let's work together and I'd love to hear from you!

What We Do

For us it doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, or where it’s located. We always deliver a personal, passionate and tailored service to each and every one of our clients.

The key to success in digital marketing is a holistic approach that is unique to your business. Here’s what we can do for you:

Google Ads Campaign Management
Google Ads Campaigns

We’re producing high performance Google Ads campaigns (formerly known as AdWords), which focus on achieving high conversion rates while optimizing costs.

Facebook Ads Campaigns
Facebook Advertising

We build advertising campaigns on the largest social media network and show ads to the people who you know are in the market for the products and services you sell

Bing Ads Campaigns
Bing Ads Campaigns

We can help you diversify sources of paid traffic by running PPC campaigns on the Bing search engine. Get better visibility on Bing, Yahoo and MSN search results!

YouTube Video Ads
Video Advertising Campaigns

We can help you reach potential customers when they watch or search for videos on YouTube. You will pay only when they show interest.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

We take care of everything from the set up to the interpretation of what to do with the data. You will know how often your website is visited and how people are using it.

Website Design Optimisation
Website Design Optimisation

Website optimisation can help you to get your business seen on search engine results pages, make your website easy to use and improve it's conversion rates.






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We love to share our knowledge and best practices with others. If you're already advertising on Google, we would be happy to perform a FREE Google Ads (AdWords) audit of your account and let you know where you could be saving money, improve performance and garner more conversions at a lower cost.

We will not make any changes on your account until you agree to partner up with us. If you'll like our ideas, but prefer to make changes on your own, then no biggie. We are happy to help you either way.

Just fill out the contact form below and we’ll get in touch with you on how to get started.

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